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"Jade is the best counsellor I have ever had. I have bounced around the mental health system for over ten years and I'll admit I had very low expectations of the treatment I was going to receive, I have been thoroughly blown away.  No one has ever treated me with half the respect and understanding as Jade has! Jade is like a breath of fresh air.  She creates such a safe space and is incredible at bringing a multifaceted approach. She taught me that even after years of trauma, I can create positive relationships and trust others again.  She looks at the individual she is working with a holistic approach and really validates what you are going through/ presenting to her. Jade has made such a difference to me within the last 12 weeks and I have made a huge amount of progress, more than I ever expected. I could not sing her praises enough, the work she has enabled me to do has been life changing" 

Adult NHS Client

"I cannot thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me. I honestly, hand on heart am so lucky that you got to be the person to help me through this. I wouldn’t of got to where I am if it wasn’t for you, like I said earlier I think if it was someone else I had as my counsellor I wouldn’t of opened up as much and got this far. You are amazing, at what you do and as a person. It’s been one hell of a journey and I’ve finally started to believe in myself again, I have confidence again and I’m proud of myself"

Adult Client

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"Jade worked for the Rural West PCN supporting our 8-25yr old populations who had presented with various mental health concerns including anxiety, low mood, bereavement, previous traumatic events, eating disorders, social isolation as well as other less specific concerns. All patients were referred by GP’s or ANP’s and if Jade had any concerns she was able to send us messages, refer back to us and give us feed back. This allowed for a very smooth and successful management of patients. The feedback we had was overwhelmingly positive from all those involved, the staff within the practice, the patients, their parents and other relatives. 


The strangest thing for us was the fact Jade started with us just at the beginning of the pandemic so none of us ever met her in person yet we all feel we know her! She was amazing, taking up a new post, working remotely, adapting to the two different practices, and our ways of working, following up with patients appropriately, and signposting to many different support services; she is a real team player. She had a notable impact on the services we could offer and many patients and families benefitted enormously during a very challenging time for us all". 

                   GP Practice Lead

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